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For media businesses, content drives just about every other function. And the amount of content a viewer consumes becomes the primary metric. As a result of this, your recommendations and content discovery are two areas you can’t afford to jeopardize and want them to be as efficient as possible. Because if people are not finding all the new and relevant content that you’re constantly putting out, their consumption levels will go down. But having an efficiently performing recommendation engine is quite difficult. Because this recommendation and discovery are not going to happen on an ad-hoc basis.

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About Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail is India’s biggest online D-I-Y holiday booking platform that empowers travelers to curate customized holidays. The company was co-founded by Hari Ganapathy and Srinath Shankar in 2014 with an aim to deliver a best-in-class personalized travel experience to travelers through their website and mobile app.

Additionally, Pickyourtrail works in liaison with leading tourism boards from Australia, Singapore, Iceland, Japan, Dubai, New Zealand, along with 1200+ hospitality partners around the world.

Adopting the right retention platform that meets Pickyourtrail’s expectations

To deliver exceptional trip booking experiences to its travelers, Pickyourtrail decided to adopt WebEngage’s Retention Operating System to:

  • Get a unified view of each traveler

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A focus on providing excellent customer experience is of utmost importance for any business. It helps you build a good reputation, increase your brand value, and most importantly, drive sales. When your customers are satisfied, they keep returning, and stay loyal to your business.

Fact — Increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase your profits by up to 95% — Invesp.

Now, customer experience plays a significant part in your customer retention. But what’s at the centre of this?

Keeping your users happy and attending to them instantaneously when they need you the most. But…

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About The Webinar

Mobile Apps have taken the sphere of online business by storm. Nowadays we have apps for everything. From booking tickets to buying clothes to ordering food or groceries, and even net banking. Every business type whether eCommerce, BFSI, travel, hotel, medicine, aggregators, listing websites has resorted to using their own apps to provide users a better experience. However, how do you ensure growth for your mobile app in the ocean of ‘apps-for-everything‘?

With this sudden increase in mobile app usage and conversions, the new pain point in every business is how to drive traffic to the…

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About The Webinar

Today, marketers have access to a plethora of mediums to engage with their customers. However, if there is one channel that has been a popular choice with marketers through the years — it has to be Email. Email as a channel has worked its magic in marketing for decades — and will continue to do so in the coming years. However, the approach to email marketing has changed. All hail, the new era of email marketing!

With the advent of new technologies and enhanced data capabilities, the new era of email marketing has become more sophisticated…

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Customers’ journey to buying a product is not linear- they interact with a brand on different channels (website, mobile app, etc.), look for reviews, and have queries that need to be resolved. A brand needs to garner customer attention, build a connection using stories, and drive a seamless experience to enable purchase.

Each channel lends itself to different formats of storytelling. It also enables brands to gather data about the user so that experiences can be personalized. Users coming to the brand’s online platform from different channels behave differently. But how does it actually work?


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About eXtra

eXtra is one of the leading and fastest-growing retail brands in Saudi Arabia. Established in 2003 by the United Electronics Company (UEC), eXtra offers all the leading international brand products and stocks an extensive product range including TV, audio systems, computers, mobile phones and IT communications, cameras, home appliances, and personal care products.

The product range is supported by comprehensive after-sales services such as extended warranty, free home delivery, and installation services.

Today, eXtra caters to millions of shoppers and has over 45 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2 stores in Bahrain, and 3…

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Did you know that websites get about 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression? Yes, 50 milliseconds! It’s only fitting to focus more on your website’s homepage optimization.

If people judge your website that quickly, your home page better be optimized to create that great first impression! Your home page gets more traffic than any other page and it needs to be optimized to generate good conversions!

In this eBook, you will learn the 9 most important components of a SaaS product’s home page that will help you generate the maximum conversions.

Get your copy of the eBook now and get to know all the details!

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What is B2C marketing automation?

A B2C marketing automation platform is a messaging software that lets you create, manage, and automate campaigns across the users’ lifecycle. You can create multi-channel campaigns to engage and retain your users based on the rules you define.

Every campaign can have a different objective, but the common goal is to keep the existing users engaged. With B2C marketing automation, you can also build and maintain user profiles, analyze user engagement with your app/website, and make data-driven decisions that help you drive business growth and maximize revenue.

Statistically speaking, marketing automation makes a strong point for…

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Testbook is an Indian EdTech company that provides online exam preparation solutions to students preparing for competitive exams.

The Objective

Most businesses in the EdTech industry operate on a Freemium model i.e. offering the use of service or product free of charge but charging users for premium features, enhanced functionality or increased usage.

Testbook has a similar business model; users initially get free limited period access to tests, post which they are prompted to purchase.

Given the nature of the Freemium model, it is critical that users complete the free trial of the product and don’t abandon midway…

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