A Life Changing Hack To Ensure Your Emails Land In The Users’ Inbox Always!

Control the number of messages sent through each campaign & channel to avoid system overload — presenting an exclusive feature brewed at WebEngage — THROTTLING.

As marketers, we want our messages to reach all our users as soon as possible. But for apps and websites that have a significantly large user base, this tendency increases the risk of server overload.

Let’s assume a scenario where you’ve sent a Push Notification to all your users (1M+) who click on it to open your app around the same time. Such a sudden surge in traffic can raise the risk of overload on your backend system. And even for highly prepared businesses, the unanticipated load may cause server slowdown or outage (in extreme cases).

Such situations are a great inconvenience as they disrupt your user experience and are a source of frustration for your fellow teammates.

The solution? Throttle your messages.

Throttling allows you to limit the number of messages that can be sent to a particular endpoint, enabling you to maximize user outreach without taking unnecessary risks.

Thus, while sending a Push Notification, SMS, Web Push Notification, Email, or WhatsApp message, you can control the number of messages sent from your dashboard to your service providers (FCM, APNs, SSP, ESP, WSP). Doing so helps:

  • Reduce server resource consumption and maintain a consistent performance of your platforms.
  • Avoid unwanted system load caused by a surge in platform engagement.
  • Build domain authority for the IP address being used to send marketing email campaigns (as large volumes are often suspected to be spam).

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