A List Of Top Marketing Automation Trends That Promise To Drive Growth!

1) Marketing Automation will continue to grow going into 2018

  • The number of Marketing Automation vendors grew 36% in 2017, a clear indicator of the burgeoning market demand.
  • According to Salesforce’s “State of Marketing 2017” report, there will be a 21% growth over the next 2 years in the number of marketers using Marketing Automation.
  • The report also stated that 67% of marketing leaders are using Marketing Automation in their strategy. Other businesses can try to emulate tactics deployed by market leaders to achieve similar levels of success.
  • Marketing Automation has come to be recognized as an essential tool for improving bottom line growth, with over 70% of Indian marketers using it primarily for improving their lead conversion rate.

2) Personalized Content Will Reign Supreme

  • By combining social listening, user attributes, on-site behavioral attributes and past purchase data, marketers have a fantastic opportunity to formulate a highly accurate customer profile.
  • Understanding user preferences and buying habits will help brands move beyond segmentation and personalization, and enter the realm of hyper-personalization and predictive recommendations.
  • Personalized content will be the key ingredient in a brand’s retention marketing efforts. It can help brands rack up their customer loyalty index, ensuring that business doesn’t get lost to competition.

3) Smarter Marketing Automation: Machine Learning + AI Assisted Platforms

  • In 2018, marketers will start to use machine learning in content creation. Machine Learning and data will work together to boost engagement efficiency.
  • Once a user clicks an ad, the underlying user, and behavioral data will be consumed by Machine Learning systems and used in future campaigns and touch-points as the user progresses in their life-cycle.
  • Similarly, AI-assisted platforms will proliferate and technologies like Natural Language Processing & Deep Learning will be leveraged to automate the study of user behavior, online activity, understanding speech and language patterns to create hyper-personalized user personas.




Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.

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Kinjal Shah

Kinjal Shah

Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.

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