ALTBalaji Is Supercharging Growth In The OTT Space With An India-first Approach

This podcast was originally published on WebEngage.

ALTBalaji — an Indian subscription-based video on demand platform which creates original, tailor-made content for Indian audiences.

In order to get an inch closer to the working of the OTT industry and the other industry essentials we hosted an up, close and professional podcast with our invitee Divya Dixit, SVP & Head of Marketing at ALTBalaji.

Divya brought forth the key understandings of the OTT space which involves re-acquisition of the users, content personalization, handling churn on a daily basis, the unaddressed part of India in terms of content and how to solve for unrestricted growth.

She also spoke about the current state of the Indian OTT space while revealing the factors which affect the growth of digital content across tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India and shares:

i. ALTBalaji’s brand positioning strategy in a crowded space.
ii. The typical user journey on the ALTBalaji platform.
iii. Where the next big avenue of growth lies in India for OTT?
iv. The power of Indianized content & massification in content creation.
v. How churn can be controlled and accounted for without affecting topline growth?

Listen to the podcast and know more!