Andddd…it’s here already! Time for some future showcase: buzzing digital marketing trends of 2019 & beyond..

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization. By the time to read each syllable of S-E-O you might feel like skipping this article, but wait a minute.

  1. Go to the incognito mode of my browser.
  2. Type my intended search topic. Eg: best payment gateway
  3. I am sure the top searches that Google or search engines will reflect will be an “ad”
  4. I’ll choose the most common word used in these ads
  5. I will use this keyword to write my highly optimised blog. And I am done!

2. Artificial Intelligence

“Ok Google call Mom”

3. Mobile Marketing

Image Source: Statista



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Kinjal Shah

Kinjal Shah


Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.