[Case Study] Aakash Digital, India’s online competitive test preparation platform, witnesses a 31% increase in LIVE class attendance

Kinjal Shah
3 min readAug 16, 2021

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App sign up journey created by Aakash Digital

About Aakash Digital

Aakash EduTech Private Limited (AEPL), a subsidiary of AESL, is India’s #1 online learning platform that caters to the K12 segment. AEPL also offers comprehensive online test preparation services for learners preparing for Medical and Engineering entrance exams. AEPL comprises two distinct learning divisions namely, Aakash Digital and Meritnation.

Aakash Digital provides an effective online learning environment (website & mobile app) where the learners can opt for LIVE or pre-recorded classes, practice tests, and more from highly experienced teachers and the comfort of their homes!

Adopting the right retention platform that meets Aakash Digital’s needs

To offer exceptional learning experiences to learners, Aakash Digital decided to adopt WebEngage’s Retention Operating System to:

  • Increase the learner attendance for online classes
  • Automate the learner engagement initiatives and save man-hours

Here’s a glimpse of some of the use cases implemented by Aakash Digital using WebEngage. If you want to get detailed insights into their success story, you must check out the detailed version.👇

Download the detailed story here.


  • Nurture ideal prospects
  • Boost mobile app engagement
  • Drive online course registrations
  • Build learner loyalty
  • Achieve long-term, sustainable growth


  • Carrying out contextual engagement at scale


Increasing free LIVE class attendance with contextual learner engagement campaigns

Aakash Digital’s primary goal is to attract interested prospects and convert them into leads. To generate more leads and drive product usage, they adopted a Freemium model in which they offer free demo live classes to learners who sign up on the app.

Now, the team at Aakash Digital wanted to ensure that learners complete the free trial class and don’t abandon it midway. To solve this, the Customer Success Manager (CSM) at WebEngage suggested an action-based communication approach using the WebEngage Journey Designer.

Maximizing paid course registrations through personalized recommendations

Once the learner installs the Aakash Digital mobile app, the learner enjoys a 7-day free app trial period. During the trial period, the learner can enroll in LIVE classes; access pre-recorded classes and other study material available on the app. Once the trial period is over, the learner is expected to upgrade to the premium subscription to access the required study material continually.

To encourage learners to upgrade their subscriptions, the team at Aakash Digital has created an app engagement journey on the WebEngage dashboard. Using this journey, the learners are nurtured with contextual, hyper-personalized, and timely communication across multiple channels.


With the help of data-backed, targeted, and hyper-personalized learner communication, the team at Aakash Digital has been able to achieve significant results!

Download the detailed story here.



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