Kinjal Shah

Apr 30, 2021

3 min read

[Case Study] FirstCry, Asia’s largest online store for baby & kids products, boosts its repeat purchases by over 400%

Originally published on WebEngage.

About FirstCry

They’ve also built India’s largest community of parents. FirstCry Parenting is an online platform/ community which aids parents in their parenting journey — from planning a child to pregnancy. Parents can track their child’s growth and simplify the parenting experience using FirstCry Parenting on their mobile app and website.

Adopting the right retention platform that meets FirstCry’s expectations

  • Retain its users
  • Increase its revenue

Here’s a glimpse of some of the use cases implemented by FirstCry using WebEngage. If you want to get detailed insights into FirstCry’s success story, you must check out the detailed version.👇



  • Reducing funnel drop-offs
  • Identifying high-intent user segments
  • Understanding parents’ behavior and product inclinations


  • Hyper-personalized communication based on Funnel Analysis

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) at WebEngage suggested the Marketing team at FirstCry to understand parents’ behavior using the Funnel Analysis feature on the WebEngage dashboard.

Acting upon the suggestion, the team at FirstCry created different funnels to understand how parents interact with its app/website and where they drop off in their lifecycle. Using these insights, they then leverage the WebEngage Journey Designer to send hyper-personalized communication to parents on their preferred channels like Mobile and Web Push.

  • Personalized product recommendations based on parents’ purchase history and behavior

The Marketing team at FirstCry wanted to identify the high-intent user segments to offer them personalized product recommendations and hence, increase the AOV. To do this, they’ve created dynamic segments of parents who are likely to purchase when nudged with relevant communication.

Instead of manually creating the segments, the team at FirstCry leverages the Dynamic Segmentation capability on the WebEngage dashboard to automatically bucket the parents based on real-time data like purchase history, app/website behavior, and more.

  • Nudging one-time shoppers with personalized offers

To drive repeat purchases, FirstCry decided to understand the shoppers’ behavior, their product consumption patterns and then nudge them with personalized communication at the right time, on the right channels.