[Case Study] India’s Fastest Growing Lingerie Brand, Clovia, Witnesses 85% Uplift In Its Revenue!

Kinjal Shah
2 min readOct 1, 2020


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Launched in 2015, Clovia is one of the leading and fastest-growing full-stack lingerie, sleepwear, shapewear, and intimate hygiene brands in India.

It offers women a one-stop destination for all their lingerie needs and allows them to choose from a whopping collection of designs at their preferred time and medium.

To provide a seamless and memorable shopping experience to its users, Clovia partnered with WebEngage to power its user engagement and retention.

Here’s a glimpse of the use cases and goals Clovia solves using WebEngage. If you want to get detailed insights about Clovia’s extraordinary success story, you must check out the detailed version.

Let’s run through the story right here before you go on to explore the details.


  • Encourage cart abandoners to complete their purchase
  • Increase brand loyalty and Average Order Value (AOV)


  • Nudge abandoners at the right time for maximum purchases
  • Send hyper-personalized communication to each user at scale


  • Funnel analytics to reduce cart drop-offs

Clovia leveraged WebEngage’s funnel feature to dig into users’ behavior on the app and website and analyze the drop-offs. A checkout funnel was created to observe the behavior of high-intent users over different time frames. This helped the team at Clovia to ascertain the best time to send out cart abandonment campaigns and take corrective measures.

Based on the thesis, Clovia ran personalized multi-channel engagement journeys using WebEngage’s journey designer to encourage potential customers to complete their checkout process.

  • Dynamic birthday discount codes to reward customers

To retain the existing customers, Clovia surprised the customer with a customized discount code to avail a special discount on her birthday and establish a stronger, memorable personal connection.

A unique discount coupon code was delivered to each customer on their birth anniversaries via user engagement journeys. The unique coupon code provided more value to the customers which increased their chances of using it, thus driving more conversions.

The journey also aided the Clovia team to automate the same birthday campaign for next year without any additional work.


Read the detailed version of the case study right here!



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