Covid-19: The Current State Of Affairs (Effects & AfterMath)

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Disclaimer: This is a 100% original content by yours truly! And the article is not a stats-dump (I am no one to work out the graphs, I guess). So, I’ll leave the stats for the experts and you can read on to explore alter thoughts.

OK. Neither I nor you are unaware of everything that is going around the world with due regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. States are alarmed. Regions are battling (for life, of course). Countries have paused. The world is experiencing something that is beyond imagination.

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We are humans and are proud of everything we have innovated so far. But, sadly none of those innovations are helping us sail afloat. Then what is helping us? Staying close to where we belong — our homes! I am sure now are you don’t get to hear, “You seem like a paying guest” form your parents. But, have you thought about what is really affected apart from human life? — The world economy.

Just recently on social media, I read a post which said — Are we really consuming goods right now or are finishing up the stock?

(Sadly, I don’t remember who shared this with me on social media. But, f you guys know this, then please comment the relevant details below. I’ll add the due credits).

I have been meaning to write this article for a while now and now I am finally at it. I hope you like it.

So, are we consuming goods or just finishing up the stock?

I think it is both in the order:

  1. Stock
  2. Goods

I reside in India and we’ve completed a month of our lockdown period. But, most of the essential goods stores are shut now because they are running ‘out of stock’.

This is scary because with a population of 130cr the essential goods trade must go on. Else it’s all about the survival of the smartest (the hoarders).

According to me (my observation, experience, analysis, and foresight) there are 6 businesses that are crying their hearts out right now:

  1. Travel & Tourism

This goes without saying. With countries and states practicing lockdowns, there’s no chance anyone is traveling anywhere. OTAs I am sure didn’t foresee such circumstances. (In fact, none of us did). But, the clutter that existed in the OTA space just a few months ago will certainly wither away and only those who have the will and wealth will resurge.

2. eCommerce

Shopping? Buy shoes? Buy perfumes? Buy cosmetics? What for?!

Another given is if you’re at home (the most comfortable place where you can be, do and wear anything) who needs fashion?!

Giant eCommerce brands have paused their delivery services. Sure, you can drool through their offerings but don’t expect any deliveries. Keep on using the app to add your favorites to your cart and maybe once the world gets back to normal (I hope it’s soon) you can just hit the “Buy now” button without any second thought!

3. FoodTech

With the virus is around, who will hog on outside food leaving the home-cooked food rich in vital immunity boosters?

Yes, some restaurants still have the “open” placard on their door handles but they only accept deliveries. Stay out of hotels. K E E P D I S T A N C E.

Some of the big names in my country — Swiggy, Ola foods, Zomato and other micro FoodTechs have not given up on their business though. They have started helping people with door-to-door groceries and other essential supplies. Good move, eh?

4. Sports, Entertainment & Events

Millions have been washed away because of sports events, other events and film/ad/other shoots being called off (for obvious reasons).

I am sure you’ve heard of NBA, IPL and other amidst the biggies stand canceled. I wonder what are the real loss numbers? (just for GK).

5. Hyperlocal Businesses

In the 3rd point, I mentioned food delivery partners turning into grocery delivery partners, remember? Well, the fact is, people, don’t trust touch. They are not sure how their food is being delivered and importantly from where exactly. People are projecting a massive trust deficiency. They consume what they buy and see themselves.

So, hyperlocal businesses? See you in a while, maybe?

6. Daily Wage Earners

This sector is big and primarily filled with construction workers, carriers, transporters, house helps, roadside eateries, and many more below the line wage earners who are hit very badly because of the pandemic.

In our case,

We have the money to purchase but goods ain’t available.

In the daily wage earners case,

No money + no goods are available.

Of course, the government is doing its best to support this section of society. But, to what extent? Medical and personal care items are still needed.

So, yeah, the industries and sections of the society mentioned above are hit really hard. Maybe, I haven’t covered all the macros of the ecosystem (stock exchange, real estate, and more). But, these are players of a different and extremely higher league. So, not including them here.

Though the world is battling an apocalypse of sorts (chill please, it’s an assumption), there is still some light at the end of the tunnel far off.

There are some businesses that are booming and in my opinion, will continue to do so. Yes, I am a positivity sucker, so I will definitely end my article on a positive note by listing the booming businesses amidst Covid-19. Here we go:

  1. EdTech

Schools and colleges are off but classes/ lectures ain’t. India is truly going digital not just on the payments front but also on the education front.

There are many online learning portals (such are Cuemath, Toppr, Unacademy, upGrad, Testbook, etc.) who were once spending crores on ads to attract users but now, the tables have turned around. Users are approaching them directly.

2. Digital Payments

This one is booming right now! #IndiaGoesDigital

No handing out hard cash. Pay digitally and get going with your life. Stay safe without any touch.

However, I do understand digital payments is a huge umbrella under which multiple things fall in — banking, parts of BFSI, etc.

I believe banks are heavily promoting their online services and as for insurance is concerned, if not now, then when?! It is the most required asset at the moment (don’t get me wrong, I am just being logical. No offense.)

3. Gaming

Thanks to WFH. The gamers have to no longer hide their phones under the meeting tables or play games in the washroom. You guys can legit allot one or more hours (depends on your work) to simply game and earn those hard-earned points!

4. OTT

Over-the-top media. Netflix, ALTBalaji, Zee5, Amazon Prime are brewing new shows just to keep you busy and sane in this lockdown era.

Yet another perk of WFH!

5. Fitness

Ha ha! Do you dream of a perfect bod every night? Even I do. So, now is the time to achieve it!

Fitness and health app have got me covered with ads all over my gram. I am sure the same is the case with you as well. So, download that app and get started with your crunches, lunges, monkey jumps or simple pranayams (Yoga exercise for breathing). Build your immunity. Strengthen your lungs and get ready to battle Corona! (it’s just another enthu line. You can ignore).

6. Healthcare

Yes, I have listed fitness and healthcare separately, because the fitness industry booming is a good sign but the case is not the same with healthcare (I mainly resonate this industry with medicos, hospitals et al).

Unfortunately, this industry made it to my list (just because of the profits it is making at the moment and no other reason. I swear!)

7. Social Media

It is here! It had to be!

Endless challenges, unlimited LIVEs and infinite throwbacks (related to one’s travel life), social media is buzzing and booming with almost everyone having all the time in the world to show off their #quarantinediaries or #lockdownscenes.

Guys here ends my listicle where I highlighted some really badly hit businesses and ended it on a good note (as usual) with businesses that are climbing the success ladder high.

However, as per my calculations, the world will take time to ramp up once again. The next 2 years are very crucial. With companies laying off their employees, cutting off salaries to pulling their shutters down forever, the crisis is real and bigger than you and I can ever fathom.

As we venture towards defeating the virus 100%, the distancing, lockdowns and other precautionary enforcements might continue.

But, trust me folks, nothing above or beneath your well-being, your health. Request you all to take very good care of yourself. If you have more insights related to this article then please feel to share. I’d love to hear your side as well.


Signing off!



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