Here’s A Kickass Way To Uplift Your Conversions By 166%!

Data Source: Indian Cosmetics Industry Report 2017 by RedSeer

The Goal(s)

MyGlamm lays prime focus on two things when it comes to customers (read users): One, that all of their users must feel glamourous effortlessly. Meaning, every user must be able to complete his/her buying lifecycle without any hurdles. Two, MyGlamm must be able to make every user feel valuable throughout their buying journey with them.

  • Drive optimum registrations
  • Nurture the ideal prospects
  • Convert users into buyers
  • Build user loyalty
  • Achieve profitable long-term growth

The Challenges

Like most online businesses, while the teams at MyGlamm were set to achieve their goals, they faced a few challenges too. The primary challenges were:

  • Inaccurate user data
  • Lack of a unified view of a user
  • Disconnected multi-channel campaigns
  • Cumbersome campaign execution
  • Unpleasant user experiences
  • Lower signups
  • Poor app and web engagement
  • Increased churn rate
  • Plummeting cart abandonment
  • Reduced purchases

The Solution



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