How To Create A High-Performance CRM Strategy For Consumer Businesses?

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“I found UAE to be very similar to India. Localization becomes one of the most important things which we need to focus on here.” — Devam Saxena, Group CRM Lead, Alshaya.

Devam Saxena is the Group CRM Lead at Alshaya, a multinational retail franchise operator headquartered in Kuwait. Devam is a CRM industry veteran currently handling 90+ brands under the Alshaya portfolio. His past experience includes building highly effective marketing strategies for brands like Foodpanda and HCL Technologies.

In this podcast…

Devam gives us an insider look at:

i. How GCC consumers engage with B2C brands as compared to Indian consumers?
ii. How CLTV gets affected by your CRM strategy?
iii. How do user data help create better brand experiences at scale?
iv. Which user engagement and retention metrics are important for the GCC region?
v. How to create an effective growth and retention strategy on the back of brilliant CRM practices?

Listen and even watch the entire podcast here!

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