Mastering The Art Of Retention

Originally published on WebEngage.

There are two types of marketers in this world:

  • Type A Marketers who believe that Acquisition > Retention

Type A Marketers spend a large chunk of their marketing budget on acquiring new customers. However, they don’t pay much heed to building a relationship with them. Even though these marketers enjoy a short-term boost in their top line, they’re unable to extract enough ROI from paid acquisition.

On the other hand, Type B Marketers give equal weight to acquisition and retention (and sometimes more weight to retention). They understand that keeping their existing customers happy and satisfied leads to long-term financial gains. As a result, they not only increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of their customers but they also stay ahead of their competition.

This webinar is FOR Type A Marketers BY a Type B Marketer (i.e. WebEngage). It addresses why there is an urgent need for businesses to shift their focus to retention marketing, and how WebEngage is the best suited to enable this shift.

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