Mobile Marketing Strategies For B2C Businesses

Content & communication strategy

  1. Vertical content
    Don’t stick to the conventionally horizontal or square format of static & video content only. Most platforms today have adapted to a vertical content format (for both static graphics & videos too). It’s time you make full use of the real estate available on your user’s screen to create impact.
  2. User-generated content
    Stop treating your social media channels like an online brochure! Talking just about yourself (or your brand) is so 2010. Start posting content that can generate chatter within your community & drive conversations. Ask for opinions from your users. The generation today doesn’t like to be told, they need participation to feel the belongingness with a brand.
  3. Hyperlocal campaigns with personalized communication
    Spray & pray doesn’t work anymore, or should I say doesn’t result in optimum ROI. Understand your audience, know how their typical day looks like in the geography you’re targeting them, how their general online behaviour is, then devise ways to connect with your audience, making them feel you’re one of them, and they can in turn trust you!
  4. Personalized video ads
    Oh yes, you can create personalized videos at scale! Idoomo is one such tool to help you with that. Personalized Video merges data and video to deliver exceptional experiences that wow customers, and produce higher and more measurable ROI.
  5. Mobile optimized emails
    It’s said that 60% of all emails are first opened up on a mobile. Your emailers today need to be more personal, with fewer links, larger fonts, and visually plausible.
  6. Push notifications
    Push notifications are surely an underrated marketing mechanism in your mobile marketing strategy. Subscribers for push notifications can be carefully built using tools like WebEngage. They have much better open rates compared to traditional emailers and can prove to be a great asset in your growth marketing strategy.
  7. SMS marketing
    While SMS might not be the best tactic for acquisition, it surely plays an important part in retention. Keeping in touch with existing customers and intimating them of important updates, all with a view to turn them into brand advocates is possible with the right and non-pushy SMS marketing strategy.

Growth strategy

  1. Chatbots
    You need to speak to your customers to convince them that you’re worthy of their time, especially when you run a services business. One of the best hacks we’ve done as a digital marketing agency on our website at DigiChefs is by implementing a Chatbot and personalizing it with my name (Deep Mehta) & face. Check it out here.

Strategy to “Get Found”



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