Multi-Channel Campaigns: A Necessity For B2C Businesses

This webinar was originally recorded and published by WebEngage.

Multi-channel campaigns not only call for streamlining processes but also adding a human touch to all the channels through which you contact your users/customers. Thus we are having this webinar to bridge the existing gap between marketers and marketing automation.

According to the marketing experts at Gartner, over 90 percent of marketers struggle to seamlessly connect more than three channels throughout the buyer’s journey. And that’s rough, because it’s estimated it takes somewhere between six and eight customer touchpoints to generate a viable sale.

Unless you’re reaching customers at a far greater rate than the average, your sales are probably struggling.

That’s OK! We’re here to help!

Topics covered in this webinar

  1. Various marketing challenges faced by businesses
  2. Multi-channel campaigns touchpoints that are essentially game-changers for businesses
  3. Understanding user journeys and building various use cases to understand the implementation of the same
  4. Case Study- Housejoy, a leading online home services marketplace

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