[PODCAST]How has COVID impacted you as a professional and the industry you work in?

Originally recorded and published by WebEngage.

In an extensive conversation with Ramalingam Subramanian, head of brand and communications at CoinDCX — India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange platform, he revealed:

→ The confusion regarding the validity of trading cryptocurrency. There was a lot of misleading information floating on the internet. But when the Supreme court gave the green flag, we started seeing an upsurge until lockdown happened.

→ Difficulties in coping with life during the lockdown.

→ The physical touch-point for KYC. Somehow, the business is going slow and we are not able to get benefit from the green flag due to this sudden lockdown.

→ Reassessing strategies and return to the basics of the role irrespective of the mediums available.

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