Kinjal Shah

Jun 29, 2020

1 min read

[Podcast] Rewriting the Marketing Playbook for 2020 & Beyond With Abhishek Patil

Originally published on WebEngage.

Consumer spending has gone down by 60%. And since, everything in the FinTech industry is dictated by consumer spending, it has taken a hard hit. — Abhishek Patil, Product & Growth, CRED

We, at WebEngage, are always keen on understanding the evolving user behavior and how marketers are shifting gears to sync with that behavior. And hence, we came with a special podcast series, analyzing the impact of COVID-19 & the resultant evolution of user engagement strategy of various consumer businesses by speaking with India’s marketing leaders!

A few episodes down the line already, we invited Abhishek Patil to discuss the effects of lockdown on FinTech world.

Abhishek Patil is in the Product and Growth team at CRED — a members-only credit card bill payment platform. He has had a successful tenure across industries crafting growth strategies from scratch. Previously, Abhishek led user growth at Dunzo by laying a concrete foundation and shaping the marketing strategies. He is a prodigy of acquisition, retention, and re-engagement.