Reactivating Your Inactive Users Is Now A Bit Easy!

Kinjal Shah
2 min readApr 20, 2020


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Testbook, India’s leading EdTech brand, did it and so can you! Here’s how:

Customer Profile

Testbook is an Indian EdTech company that provides online exam preparation solutions to students preparing for competitive exams.

The Objective

Most businesses in Ed-Tech industry operate on Freemium model i.e. offering the use of service or product free of charge but charging users for premium features, enhanced functionality or increased usage.

Testbook has a similar business model; users initially get free limited period access to tests, post which they are prompted to purchase.

Given the nature of Freemium model, it is critical that users complete free trial of the product and don’t abandon midway. Accordingly, the marketing team at Testbook aimed to reactivate users who went inactive during a free trial.

The Solution

The core intent of the Reactivation Campaign is to bring back users to the platform. With this goal in sight, Testbook created a workflow using WebEngage’s Journey Designer.

User enters the journey upon Start/Resume of Practice Test, post which the system checks for user inactivity for a minimum duration of 8 days. Given the user inactivity, the system checks the reachability of user over different channels (Registered for Push Notification/Web Push Opt-in). Users fulfilling the conditions receive personalized Push Notification, Web Push, and Email, in that order. [click image to enlarge]

Email, Web Push, and Push Notification personalized with username, course name, unique link in Call-to-action for each user.

The Result

The Journey statistics stand testimony to the power of personalized multi-channel communication. Within the three months of running the campaigns, 15% of inactive users got reactivated; directly attributable to the Reactivation Campaign. The uplift contributed to the top of the funnel users for Testbook, significantly adding to all the succeeding stages of the conversion funnel.

I hope you liked the user reactivation case of Testbook. Book a demo right away if you’d like to give a wake call to your dormant users effectively!



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