Remarketing On Facebook Is Super Easy With Marketing Automation

How is it done?

The marketer should first add one or more Facebook Ad Accounts on WebEngage. Once done, simply create a segment of WebEngage, or use a pre-existing segment and link it to your chosen Facebook Ad Account to export the segment to Facebook.

How does it help you?

Let us see how many ways this feature can support your marketing strategy:

#1: Benefit from Facebook’s massive reach

According to an estimate by Facebook, around 2.7 billion people use one of its services globally, whether it is Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, or its primary social network. It’s highly likely your user is an active part of this pool.

#2: Boost Facebook sales through user analytics

Instead of building Audiences on Facebook based on guesswork, use the power of WebEngage Analytics to precisely target customers based on their likelihood to convert.

#3: Upgrade your Retargeting strategy

Brands usually spend the most significant part of their marketing budget on digital ads. While these ads bring a lot of visitors to their websites, very little of that traffic makes a purchase. Retargeting is one of the most cost-effective ways to overcome this loss. But Facebook’s retargeting capabilities are somewhat limited owing to its cumbersome and manual targeting conditions.

  • Visitors retargeting: Users acquired by a specific source, e.g., direct, referral, social. Read our Retargeting case study where one of our fin-tech clients brought 1mn+ users back to their conversion funnel.
  • Abandoned cart retargeting: Users who moved to the checkout process but did not purchase
  • Intent-based retargeting: Users who have shown similar interests/browsed similar pages on the website.
  • Persona-based retargeting: Users who belong to a specific persona/category, e.g., business travelers, casual travelers, last-minute travelers

#4: Create upsell/cross-sell opportunities

A user who has recently purchased an iPhone might not want to buy another phone immediately but is likely to buy related products. Build segments of such users, and promote your phone covers and accessories to them.

#5: Bring back inactive/uninstalled users to improve retention

Leverage Facebook as a messaging channel to bring back users who have uninstalled your app and are no longer reachable. Create exciting win-back campaigns to get back your inactive customers. Make sure the campaign is for a limited period so that they act promptly.

#6: Build ‘lookalike’ audiences based on WebEngage segments

Your exported segments can help you build Lookalike Audiences on Facebook, enabling you to find and connect with people who are similar to your ‘premium users.’

#7: Grow with your users

We mentioned how segments in WebEngage are dynamic with users moving in and out of the segment in real-time based on the segment criteria. A recurring export to Facebook ensures that as a customer moves through the user journey, your Facebook ads remain relevant to the stage they are in. The behavior is similar to a customer exiting a particular email drip because he has performed a specific event.



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