[Revealed] How An Indian Online Lingerie Retailer Reduced Its Cart Abandonment By 7.3%

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One such client success story is of a leading online lingerie retailer — PrettySecrets, the online arm of Mumbai-based lingerie retailer MTC e-commerce private Ltd. The company has so far raised $8 million in funding.

The Objective

In one of our former case-studies, we had profiled a journey built by Zivame, India’s largest lingerie retailer, which addressed the problem of ‘page abandonment’. If you have read the case-study or even skimmed through it then you could recall that the journey managed to increase the conversion by 20%

In this post, we are introducing another journey that addresses the problem of ‘cart abandonment’.

It is built by PrettySecrets which interestingly is also a lingerie retailer. Now, ‘cart abandonment’ is perhaps the world’s most popular use-case. Every retailer employs myriad methods, both on the UX and engagement side, to address the inevitable. Prettysecrets too did its part to minimize cart abandonment.

They picked and tracked the following two critical events from the user checkout flow and checked for purchase upon their occurrence

  • User reached payment page
  • User added to cart

They created two separate journeys with the above events as the entry trigger respectively. Suppose, while purchasing, if the user triggers any of the above events, say reaches payment page, but doesn’t complete the transaction then he is contextually nudged to do so by the corresponding journey.

Continue reading if it had been difficult comprehending the above.

The WebEngage Effect

Let’s evaluate the journeys one at a time!

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