Targeted Email Marketing — Boost Open Rates & CTR (8 Real Examples)

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Email has surpassed and has been surpassing all the marketing channels when you compare the revenue/expense ratio for each of them.

Also, it is one of the preferred channels to receive marketing messages and requires relatively lesser maintenance, skills, and cost, making even small businesses have the benefit of larger enterprises.

However, not surprisingly, our tolerance level towards non-contextual emails is declining.

Amid the technological advancement that makes capturing customer data and leveraging it for personalization easier than ever, this development is fairly understandable.

For a brand, personalization is quickly transitioning from ‘advantage’ to ‘imperative’.

For instance, McKinsey’s recent article suggests that ‘personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success within five years.

Personalization focuses on consumer needs. It is the by-product of targeting. That implies if your email strategy lacks the component of targeting, it isn’t going to yield anything.

What is Targeted email marketing?

Targeted email marketing refers to sending targeted & personalized email campaigns to subscribers, as per segmented characteristics like behaviour, geographical location, past purchase, etc.

Difference between targeted and spray-&-pray email marketing

Amazon is the role model for targeted email marketing. Taking their example alone makes anyone sound like Captain Obvious. But Amazon is Amazon. Not every business can emulate Amazon in the level of targeting that their emails have. Or, can it?

In this post, we are going to mention what is a targeted email campaign? and some of the successful targeted email campaigns launched by our own clients, which are businesses of varying sizes, which would rival Amazon’s any day.

  1. Targeted page abandonment email
    2. Reactivation email
    3. Booking abandonment email
    4. Encourage targeted repeat purchase email
    5. Targeted Cart Abandonment Email
    6. Time-based reminder email
    7. Goal targeted email
    8. Re-targeting email

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Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.

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Kinjal Shah

Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.