The Secret Behind Winning 90% Repeat Business

Podcast published on WebEngage originally.

To understand the retention marketing scenario a bit closely, my team at WebEngage and I got into a candid chat with Gaurav Bhawnani, (now ex) Retention and Revenue Head at Licious. Let’s hear what Gaurav has to tell us about his achievement of 90% repeat business rate at Licious:


Gaurav Bhawnani heads retention and revenue at Licious, an online (web & app) meat platform established in 2015. It is one of the front runners in India’s $ 30 billion meat market. Gaurav is a marketing professional with 6+ years of experience in industries ranging from revenue, category management, P&L management, and more. He firmly believes in the school of ‘first principles thinking.’

In This Episode

Gaurav divulges key insights about scaling user retention and growth marketing, and how online meat brand Licious is reshaping consumer behavior in India. Other key points include:

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