The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing In 2021: Win The Inbox Game!

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Rev up the automation engine

As an email marketer, imagine you are tasked with manually sending out an email every time someone makes a purchase on your website or abandons their cart, or performs any action. Now think of doing that for thousands of users for different scenarios on a daily basis. 24 hours in a day would not be enough!

Press the pedal on personalization

The hype about personalization is real! Customers prefer to engage with brands that speak to them rather than speak at them. To strike the right chord with customers, brands have started weaving in personalization elements in their email campaigns. These elements go beyond just referring to users by their first name.

Tighten the nuts and bolts around email deliverability

Tighten the nuts and bolts around email deliverability

Solid copy — check
Creative elements — check
Personalized content — check

Read the detailed article with examples!

Put revenue in the driver’s seat

It is a common misconception that email is a low ROI channel. Nothing can be far from the truth. According to the Data and Marketing Association, the average return on investment for email campaigns is touted to be $38 for every $1 invested.

Jump on the bandwagon

Email marketing has evolved over the years. Today, marketers need to keep pace with evolving trends and leverage the latest techniques, tools, and resources to boost their email marketing game.

Mobile-first emails

It’s not an overstatement to say that mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. People use their mobile phones to talk, message, make payments, watch videos, and — you guessed it right — check emails! It is imperative that brands make sure their emails are mobile-responsive so that they can engage with their customers on the move.

Interactive content

One of the reasons why readers don’t engage with emails as much is because they are plain boring. Insipid. Uninspiring.

New Techniques

Why stick to age-old practices in email marketing when you have newer (cooler) methods to hook your users to your email campaigns. Baking these techniques in your campaigns is one of the sure-shot ways to differentiate your campaigns from the rest and provide a great experience for the reader.

Summing it up

Email marketing is part science and part art. Beautifully worded and aesthetically pleasing emails are essential. But it is also vital for email marketers to focus on not-so-glamorous but essential aspects such as automation, deliverability, revenue tracking, etc.

Read the detailed article with examples!



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