The Ultimate SaaS Podcast Ever!

A WebEngage initiative.

EngageCast is a one-of-its-kind podcast series that brings to light riveting growth stories powered by WebEngage. Our stories cover the true essence of growth marketing, user engagement and retention, customer experience, entrepreneurship and a lot more.

Every episode features a conversation with top growth and marketing practitioners and entrepreneurs in the B2C space such as — Rand Fishkin, Lars Lofgren, Abhishek Patil, Abhishek Shetty, Pierre Lechelle, R. Subramanian and many more!

Lately, with utmost sensitivity to the pandemic and the aftermath, the team at EngageCast initiated a special edition of the podcast humanly catering to the marketing scenario during and post-COVID-19 affair.

The special edition largely revolves around:

  • The evolution of unique growth strategies to shield consumer businesses against the wrath of the pandemic
  • The ever-changing consumer mindsets, preferences and behavior. Re-identifying your business niche
  • The modeling of the retention model to sustain in the industry
  • The employee management program inculcate by the marketing gurus to help utmost productivity during the WFH scenario

I guess that’s enough said about WebEngage’s homegrown podcast series — EngageCast, now it’s time for you to catch all the action just a click away!

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