This Is The North Metric For All The EdTech Businesses Out There!

EdTech is one of the most flourishing startup sectors in India. It beholds a large addressable audience, growing investor interest, increasing paid subscriptions, and intense competition. A recent Google-KPMG report estimates the overall sector to grow 8x and reach $2 billion by 2021. The paid subscriptions are likely to reach 9.6 million with 6x growth since 2016.

EdTech Retention Use Case #1: Cuemath

Each account served a unique purpose.

Student engagement saw a boost of 23%. Softer aspects like parents’ conviction in the platform were touched. The result was increased engagement, word of mouth and revenue.

EdTech Retention Use Case #2: Testbook

Within the three months of running the campaigns, 15% of inactive users got reactivated; directly attributable to the Reactivation Campaign. The uplift contributed to the top of the funnel users for Testbook, significantly adding to all the succeeding stages of the conversion funnel.

EdTech Use Case #3: Toppr

Personalized communication and highly targeted user segmentation lead to 133% uplift in Toppr’s conversions and 78% hike in the M6 retention rate.



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