[Webinar] Decoding The New Normal Of Consumer Marketing In A Post-COVID World

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About The Webinar

Back in December 2019, news broke out of a mysterious new virus originating from China that was wreaking havoc all over the city of Wuhan. Little did anyone know that the planet was heading towards the worst pandemic recorded in human history.

COVID-19, as we have all come to know today, has affected consumers and businesses monumentally. Entire countries have entered into lockdown, and human activity has come to a virtual standstill to arrest the spread of the Coronavirus.

No precedent exists in such a situation that can help normalize what people and businesses are experiencing as a result. The natural order of demand and supply has been affected. Consumer behavior has changed massively, and recessionary trends are starting to register the world over.

As the world comes to terms with a ‘New World Order,’ where social distancing and masks are pre-requisites to a healthy life, we try to analyze the impact of these changes on business and growth.

We have put together a panel of experts from the Pakistan region comprising of business owners & marketing leaders to discuss:

  • The impact of COVID19 on business and consumer marketing,
  • The evolution of marketing strategy & user engagement
  • The importance of user retention at such a time
  • The rise of new and unique communication themes post COVID19
  • Designing an effective strategy to counter the immediate and long-term impact of COVID19

Check out the video for a profoundly insightful discussion moderated by regional expert Imtiaz Mohammad (CEO, OrangeFox).

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