Why A Mobile-First CX Strategy Is Critical For Growth In The GCC Region

Kinjal Shah
2 min readMar 19, 2020


This podcast is a WebEngage original.

At WebEngage we’ve been meaning to get in a very insightful conversation with global marketing experts who live, breathe and eat growth marketing. And, this is the very reason we kickstarted our very own podcast series — EngageCast.

To stay true to our agenda, we invited Avinash Ambati, Product & Growth Head at Rehlat — a leading online travel brand in the GCC region.

Avinash’s responsibilities at Rehlat include working on Trip module planning, User retention and engagement, Data warehousing and handling the complete P&L of flight, hotel and cab bookings.

That’s a lot of responsibility and so we decided to explore the following pointers in our conversation with him:

i. How Rehlat incorporates consumer behavior in its mobile marketing strategy?
ii. How to do more and offer better experiences to consumers with less data?
iii. Rehlat’s CLTV prediction model and its user retention strategy.
iv. The benefit of having loyalty programs.
v. Channeling the product planning process between cross-functional teams.

Wheeling business revenue on the spokes of effective growth marketing is an art every marketer wants to administer today. So, here’s your ticket to do so!

You can sift through WebEngage’s resources chunk for more details on how growth marketing can help you skyrocket your business effectively and efficiently.



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