Why Hyper-Personalization is The Future of Marketing (And how to do it)

What is Hyper-Personalization?

What is the difference between Personalization & Hyper-Personalization?

  • An affinity for buying discounted goods
  • Prior search and purchase history for ‘X’ footwear brand
  • Maximum purchases happening on a Sunday from 6–9 PM in the night
  • Push notifications having the highest user engagement in the past

The need for Hyper-Personalization

  • Your message only has 8 seconds to capture and hold the attention of your user. To get noticed, your communication needs to stand out and be clutter-breaking.
  • According to Google, ‘best’ search phrases have increased by 80% in the past 2 years on mobile devices. People are searching online heavily to make more informed decisions.
  • User engagement with content has gone down by 60%, and information overload is making consumers tune out.
  • According to Accenture, 75% of consumers will be more likely to purchase from someone whose offerings are personalized according to individual preferences.

How Brands are using Hyper-Personalization

Brand: Amazon

  • Your previous purchase history
  • The items that you have in your shopping cart
  • Items that you have rated and liked
  • Items that have been liked and purchased by other customers

Brand: Starbucks

  • Starbucks Loyalty program is incredibly successful, boasting of over 13 million users.
  • The app pushes Food and beverage suggestions personalized for each customer with an AI-based algorithm. It analyses past purchase history, tastes and preferences to come up with recommendations for each individual customer.
  • Starbucks engages loyalty program members with personalized games on email and mobile.




Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.

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Kinjal Shah

Kinjal Shah

Content Marketer @ WebEngage. Logophile. Creative. Child at heart. Free spirit. Founder @ Smallogs.

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